Access Technologies. has been providing businesses with Internet expertise for many years. Looking to create and develop a world-class web presence for your business. We can help. We have experts in the following fields, just to name a few.


Web Site Design

If you’re looking to design a new site or enhance an existing one, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. We have experienced consultants who can help design small and fancy sites or large scale services. Our consultants can help design a site that uses CGI or any of the usual scripting tools such as ASP, JSP, and PHP.

We can help you get your database online so your people can access their data while in the field, or around the world. It’s not enough to just build a website! If you want to attract customers, you need an expert who can get you top listings on the search engines. This is the benefits of SEO, search engine optimizations.

Many companies want more than just a web developer, but someone who can show you the benefits of using the more advanced features of the Internet.

Quality Web Development

If you’re looking for a crew who can put together your site quickly and professionally, we have the developers you need. Our programmers have built sites that range from the small company four or five page site to fully integrated CGI enabled sites with many hundreds of pages with dynamic page layout and secure login capabilities.

Internet Access and Configuration

And, if you don’t even have an Internet presence yet, we can put that together as well. We can connect your company to the Internet with all the necessary security. We can set you up with a DSL where available or even faster connections such as a T1 line. If you’re looking for a place to locate your servers, we can help with that as well.

E-mail Service

Usually, the first thing a company needs when connecting to the Internet is e-mail. We can set up an e-mail server right on your network. With the impact of SPAM (unsolicited e-mail advertisements), you may need to configure your e-mail servers to help filter out unwanted e-mail. Just let us know.


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We Can Help

We have experts in many facets of the computer and Internet industry. Give us a call and see how we can help. 775/316-8278

Access Technologies. is a Nevada based Internet consulting company.

If you need something not mentioned here, give us a call anyway. We offer more services than we can fit on this page. 775/316-8278.

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