System Administration

System Administration services are what guards the keys to the castle. An inefficient or unreliable computer and network system puts a business at a notable disadvantage. When you’re looking for a system administrator, you need someone with a proven track record. It’s an unnecessary risk to put an inexperienced administrator in charge of your castle keys. We have reliable and experienced system administrators available for numerous systems including Unix, Linux, Windows 2000, and lots more.

Enterprise System Monitoring is another important task of System Administration. Looking for help with your monitoring needs or need specific help with Nagios, we can help. How can Nagios Help?

When it comes to System Administration, we’ve got the experience you need.

System Design

Access Technologies. has been providing businesses with system design expertise for many years. We have experts who can help you put together the system you need. We have experience building redundant servers for Internet and local network uses. We can help you build a multiple-server web site or just enhance and fix the one you already have. We can help add redundancy to your system to make it more stable. We have experts that can help with anything from small network jobs to major Internet LAN and WAN systems.

We provide you with a list of hardware requirements as well as bids from numerous suppliers. When you receive the hardware, we will install the systems and networks to your specifications.

System Security

An important part of any system administration is security.Any system connected to the Internet needs security. Have our qualified professionals help you design and implement a good security policy. Check out System Security at for more details.

System Services

  • Backups — System backups are one of the most important tasks you can perform. We offer off-site backups as well as other system services.
  • Performance Monitoring — When system response times begin to falter, it is frequently an indication that the system is either under attack from an intruder or the system is suffering from resource exhaustion and is soon to crash. We offer monitoring services that notify you when response times drop below your threshold.

We Can Help

We have experts in many facets of System Administration. Give us a call and see how we can help. 775/316-8278

Access Technologies. is a Nevada based consulting company supplying services here at home and around the world.

If you need something not mentioned here, give us a call anyway. We offer more services than we can fit on this page. 775/316-8278.

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