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Enterprise System Monitoring with Nagios

Enterprise System Monitoring is another important task of System Administration. Looking for help with your monitoring needs or need specific help with Nagios, we can help.

We’ve reviewed and implemented numerous system monitoring systems on many configurations and have found Nagios to be our preference. With Nagios, you can keep track of the health of your entire network, both the local and the WAN. To get the most out of your monitoring software, it’s important to know what bells and whistles can make your life better and which can be a disaster.

Feel free to give us a call and see what we can do to help you maximize your systems’ up time.

What’s With the H1B Visas?

What’s With the H1B Visas?

I’ve been asked countless times, “What caused the downfall of the Tech Industry in America?”

There are many things that have contributed to it and every one of them can be tracked back to government policies. The H1B and H2B visas are the biggest problem. There is a rush of software programmers and software engineers who are leaving the industry because there aren’t enough jobs willing to pay a fair wage. There is too much competition with foreigners willing to work for poverty wages.

Still, we hear Bill Gates explain how he can’t find just the right programmer for his needs if he can’t import a minimum wage worker from some back-water country. Is he lying or does not know there are programmers starving in America?

On top of this is the awful trade policies we have adopted. Countries need to protect their industries. That means restricting this abuse of slave and near-slave labor. No more Free Trade and no more H1B visas.