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Computer Vulnerabilities

Computer Vulnerabilities
David Schlecht

How many computers do you have at your company? One? Less than 10? Hundreds?

It is very important for you to realize that any one of them could expose your entire company and all your customers to attack.

Do you think your company and your customers are safe if you just keep your anti-virus protection software up to date?

Think again!

Although it’s obviously important to keep your virus software up to date, this can give a company a false sense of security. This small step is not enough to keep your goods out of the hands of the bad guys.

There are a few other things that you have to address, and failing to deal with them can mean disaster.

  • Having up to date virus software does nothing if your computer is already compromised. And how will you even know if some or all of your computers are compromised? In fact, most viruses disable the anti-virus software immediately when they infect the machine. What good is being up to date when the software is disabled?
  • Are you paying big money for insufficient virus protection? Don’t think that just having anti-virus software running means you’re protected. Furthermore, how do you know your employees haven’t accidentally disabled part or all of the virus protection?
  • What sort of policy do you have in place to ensure that the computers are actually secure and what kind of policy do you have in place to ensure that things remain secure? Great anti-virus software won’t protect you from human error. In fact, it’s human error that causes almost all the virus infections.
  • Are your people properly trained to understand the channels of attack and how to avoid them? The attack vectors change regularly. Are your people kept up to date on how to deal with the threats?

Security audits and employee security training are just as important as having good anti-virus software. It’s a lot less expensive to keep your people trained than it is to fix an embarrassing and possibly crippling security breach.

Give us a call. We can help you decide what works best for your company. One size does not fit all when it comes to computer security.


Enterprise System Monitoring with Nagios

Enterprise System Monitoring is another important task of System Administration. Looking for help with your monitoring needs or need specific help with Nagios, we can help.

We’ve reviewed and implemented numerous system monitoring systems on many configurations and have found Nagios to be our preference. With Nagios, you can keep track of the health of your entire network, both the local and the WAN. To get the most out of your monitoring software, it’s important to know what bells and whistles can make your life better and which can be a disaster.

Feel free to give us a call and see what we can do to help you maximize your systems’ up time.

BC Fisheries New Website

Check out our newly redesigned website at BC Fisheries. You’ll find another satisfied customer of Access Technologies.

While you’re there, be sure to check out what fish they have available. And feel free to offer any seafood recipes you might want to share.

BC Fisheries most popular fish are Fresh Caught Salmon, Fresh Crab, and Fresh caught and fresh canned Albacore Tuna.

Do you need help getting your company on the Internet? Want good rankings on the search engines? Give us a call.

More MS Word Exploits

There is news of yet more Microsoft Word zero-day exploits out in the wild. MS has decided that an emergency bug fix is not necessary.

The exploit is vectored through email so it could become a serious problem. Be sure that your Windows computers are up to date on all you updates.

What’s With the H1B Visas?

What’s With the H1B Visas?

I’ve been asked countless times, “What caused the downfall of the Tech Industry in America?”

There are many things that have contributed to it and every one of them can be tracked back to government policies. The H1B and H2B visas are the biggest problem. There is a rush of software programmers and software engineers who are leaving the industry because there aren’t enough jobs willing to pay a fair wage. There is too much competition with foreigners willing to work for poverty wages.

Still, we hear Bill Gates explain how he can’t find just the right programmer for his needs if he can’t import a minimum wage worker from some back-water country. Is he lying or does not know there are programmers starving in America?

On top of this is the awful trade policies we have adopted. Countries need to protect their industries. That means restricting this abuse of slave and near-slave labor. No more Free Trade and no more H1B visas.

Just Say Why

Visit our website, Just-say-why.com.

This site was originally envisioned as a place to find political issues relating to the computer industry. However, as the US government systematically destroyed the US computer industry, the blog became about all things political as everything political is related to everything else political.

Just-Say-Why solicits input from authors of all political persuasions, but there is an obvious abundance of Liberals that post and visit the site. Still, everyone is invited.

You can find pages and posts on countless subjects but you will find discussions on Financial Issues, just plain Political Issues, and Religious Issues. What goes better with politics than religion?

You can find fact-finding topics such as the distortions from the Scheels advertisement or the Harold Estes letter to the president.

If you fancy the thought of putting your political or religious ideas in print, feel free to drop by and sign up as an author. Thick skin is a requirement. Be warned. 🙂

Internet Security

There is no shortage of things that need to be done to address the issues of Internet Security. Here, you can find information on Security Audits, Security Training, Incident Response, Defining Security Policies, and numerous Case Studies.

Internet Security is not an issue to be taken lightly, even for the home computer. If you need experienced, professional help with your computer security, give us a call or leave a reply to this post.


Visit our other sites, like StatesCasinos.com.

If you’re looking for information on land based casinos, StatesCasinos is a great resource for the information you seek.

You can find a listing of all hotel casinos on one page. Of course, who wants to look at a list of hundreds of casinos? So you can look up the casinos by City and casinos by State.

Right from the front page you can find casinos in Nevada, casinos in Mississippi, casinos in New Jersey, casinos in Las Vegas, casinos in Atlantic City, and oh so much more.

Once you’ve found the hotel casinos in your area of interest, the next step is to see the environment. There are links to entertainment at the gambling halls, a list of eateries, and information on the hotel accommodations. And, of course, it’s important to see what deals they’re offering. Next you might want to check out the weather and get yourself a map to the hotel casino. What’s next? Well, of course there are links to make your reservations.

All that is available at StatesCasinos.com.

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Medical Facility Grading

To grade and evaluate certain services provided to health care facilities, this client needed a data management system that intimately knew the services provided to each facility as well as the function of each employee at each facility.

Though the foundation for this product was already developed when we inherited the project, it lacked many crucial features needed to combine the distinct functions into a cohesive product.

This project was also developed using MS Visual Basic and runs on all 32-bit Windows systems.

Of all the enhancements we have added to this product, possibly the most important is one that you can’t even see. During the course of this product, we have added a bottom-up object oriented class library for dealing with the client’s customers, employees, and services. Adding, changing, and fixing anything about the product is now much faster, easier, and less error prone.

Languages: Visual Basic(VB)
Platforms: Windows

Computer Consulting Services, Custom Software, Database and Network Administration