Mobile PC Programming – Review Software

This client has numerous supervisors who work in the field and score and review the work. Using clipboards and then entering the clipboard data into a PC was troublesome and error prone, not to mention oh so “last century”.

After investigating numerous handheld computers, we decided on the HP pocket PC running Windows CE and Windows Mobile.

This project started in the early days of Windows CE and we worked through and worked around many many MS bugs. Before the project was even finished, HP and MS quit supporting the original platform so we migrated to the latest products.

The first release of ADOCE was of typical MS quality and next to useless so we built all the data management through file support. Once the new release of the CE operating system was released and the ADOCE was fixed, things went more smoothly

The initial release of the product was ready for testing within 5 months.

Since multiple pocket PCs where being used by many supervisors, and many different copies of the PC based data management software could be running simultaneously, we needed systems for managing concurrent connections and keeping tack of which supervisors used which pocket PCs.

The client wanted the pocket PC product written in VB/CE since there are many VB programmers available for future maintenance and enhancements. The one drawback to using VB was the lack of icon support. In order to support corporate icons, the client is considering using a C/C++ wrapper.

Languages: Visual Basic (VB, VBCE), ADO, ADOCE
Platforms: Windows CE (WINCE), Pocket PC (PPC)