Just Say Why

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This site was originally envisioned as a place to find political issues relating to the computer industry. However, as the US government systematically destroyed the US computer industry, the blog became about all things political as everything political is related to everything else political.

Just-Say-Why solicits input from authors of all political persuasions, but there is an obvious abundance of Liberals that post and visit the site. Still, everyone is invited.

You can find pages and posts on countless subjects but you will find discussions on Financial Issues, just plain Political Issues, and Religious Issues. What goes better with politics than religion?

You can find fact-finding topics such as the distortions from the Scheels advertisement or the Harold Estes letter to the president.

If you fancy the thought of putting your political or religious ideas in print, feel free to drop by and sign up as an author. Thick skin is a requirement. Be warned. 🙂