Fortran Language System

This project encompassed numerous facets of design and development of a Fortran compiler and language system. This compiler ran on the Windows platforms and produced executables for Intel platforms.

Numerous tools for the project were written in Fortran. We also developed a validation suite that contained many hundreds of Fortran test programs.

The core of the language system was written in C/C++ and Assembly Language, relying on support from a bottom-up design. The parser was based on a finite automata design.

Code produced by this language system could run on both DOS and Windows systems.

This language system interfaced with numerous languages through our mixed language interface. Users were able to interface with our Fortran using Visual Basic (VB), Pascal/Delphi, C/C++, and more.

This project completed successfully with just over a year duration.

Languages: Visual Basic (VB), Fortran, C/C++, Pascal, and Delphi
Platforms: Windows, Intel